Sunday, September 9, 2018

VMware Wavefront - Relevance for your Operations

VMware Wavefront is the new shinny tool in the armory of the VMware Cloud Management suite of solutions.
Wavefront has come to VMware family as a part of an acquisition concluded in May 2017. 

By definition Wavefront is a SaaS based, real-time metric monitoring tool with streaming analytical capabilities. Its powered by a strong analytical engine which can give real time visualization by doing some powerful query based analysis on the pushed stream of metrics.

Some of its Real World Use cases

a. Make DevOps life easy

It primarily targeted for developers as it aims to improve the feedback looping experience as a part of DevOps practice.

OODA loop strategy in ALM cycle is essential for making DevOps truly successful.

DevOps team would want to reduce the gap between the developers and Ops by extending alerts, monitoring and visualization to the developers directly so they can instantaneously see the impact of let's say a code-commit.
Wavefront can be extended to not just SysOps teams but to SREs and DevOps admins as well.

b. Purpose built for Cloud Native Environments

Wavefront has been developed by engineers who were at one point involved in Google's and Twitter's Containers Ops Management projects. 
They have built Wavefront with a mindset that it should be able to handle CNA environments running with Containers and Microservices at scale.
As we speak, wavefront has support for various Container based services like Dockers, K8s, PKS, Amazon EKS, VMware K8s Engine etc.

It has an easy integration process to capture relevant metrics from a Container based platforms and out of box Dashboards/Visualization to give a clear visibility into the most granular things in container setup.

Example screenshot