Sunday, February 11, 2018

What is VMware PKS (Pivotal Container Service)

Jointly developed by VMware and Pivotal, VMware Pivotal Container Service (PKS) is a production-grade Kubernetes-based container solution equipped with advanced networking, a private container registry, and full lifecycle management.

Its a Turnkey solution to provision, operate and manage Enterprise grade Kubernetes Cluster at scale on private and public clouds.

Key Attributes of PKS

  • Fully supported Kubernetes Distribution
  • Deep Integration with NSX-T for Networking and Security
  • Constant compatibility with GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine)
  • Runs on vSphere and GCP

So basically if you want to think beyond the Container and Container Host VM provisioning (for which you can use vSphere Integrated Container or Admiral) and think about Scalability and Availability then its appropriate to you Kubernetes Cluster management techniques.

PKS which is jointly developed by VMware, Pivotal and Google allows you to deploy and manage multiple Kubernetes clusters by providing with a Control plane in form of API set and CLI.
Using this you can perform life cycle actions such as provisioning, decommissioning, scale-up and scale-out of the Kubernetes cluster.

PKS solution comprises of the following components

  • Harbor for Container Image Registry
  • Kubernetes  for Container Orchestration and Service Creation
  • PKS Control Plane  for Container Framework Lifecycle Management
  • BOSH for Cluster Health Monitoring, Healing and Lifecycle Management
  • NSX-T for Container Networking 

This can be accompanied by VSAN for Persistent storage for Container, vSphere for Virtualization. 
However we can use other Virtualization layer and Persistent storage.

vRealize stack for improved Automation, Intelligent Operations, Logging and Analytics along with PKS can offer a complete Developer Ready Cloud Management Platform.

My future posts on this topic would be more on how we configure PKS and how we consume it.

Feel free to download PKS distribution from here and get your hands dirty. This is definitely a game changer.

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